Consultation on Scotland's Forestry Grant Scheme

15 May 2023

The Scottish Government are currently consulting on the Future of Grant Support for Forestry in Scotland.

The consultation aims to seek views on how the current Forestry Grant Scheme can be invigorated and better integrated with other sources of funding, strengthening Net Zero, biodiversity, economic and community wealth building priorities.

Confor is preparing an industry response and would like to welcome you to take the opportunity to review our current draft (below). We invited your comments and additions to our response and have incorpoated this feedback into our submission.

Additionally, we encourage you to submit your own response to the consultation to ensure the forestry and timber sector is well represented. If you wish to take part, please submit your views by the closing date of 17 May.

The consultation documents and response form can be found here >>

Forestry Grant Scheme: Confor Response to the Scottish Forestry Consultation