EU Deforestation Regulation - webinar

24 May 2024

Confor hosted a webinar on Monday 20th May to provide the latest information on EUDR.

There were two excellent speakers:

  • Maggie Fitzherbert, Senior Responsible Sourcing Manager at the Soil Association, is an expert in compliance and sustainability. Maggie oversees the Soil Association’s initiatives against forest risk commodities, particularly under the EU Deforestation Regulation and current UK Timber Regulation (UKTR).
  • John Kirkby, Executive Director at PEFC UK. John's background is in forest management and chain of custody certification auditing, and he plays a pivotal role in adapting PEFC standards in response to new regulatory demands like the EUDR.

The webinar was well attended with over 150 sign ups (with the majority attending). Links to the slides are below. There were many questions some of which were answered during the webinar, for those not, a Q&A sheet has been produced and will be available shortly.

NOTE: Due the fast pace of information coming out about EUDR it MUST be noted that the information can and will likely be out of date quickly. New information will be circulated via FTN, e-news and other meetings.